The Importance of Newsletters

If you don’t have a newsletter, you’re probably losing sales. newsletter design

Why? Because people are more likely to read news than they are to read ads. Research has shown there are three reasons why people prefer to receive email newsletters:

  1. Email newsletters keep users up-to-date with informative content.
  2. The convenience of Email newsletters delivered straight to the user’s inbox is attractive; users only need a simple click to access the information that is of interest to them.
  3. Email newsletters have timely content and real-time delivery.

Newsletter programs that take advantage of these benefits have a sustainable future. However they must constantly deliver specific and current information that helps readers with life or work issues.

A well thought out and regularly published newsletter will give your company the unique experience of getting to know your customers and, more importantly, give them a chance to get to know your organization. After several issues of your email newsletter you can begin to learn what is of interest to your audience by monitoring which article links are being clicked the most. In future issues, you can be sure to include topics that are heavily read.

Your email newsletter is such a huge representation of your company, which is why design truly matters. If you want recipients to take the time to read it, then you should make it visually appealing. If it looks very professional and well done then it will seem more compelling and credible.

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