Vector Logos

vector logos

There are all kinds of design services on the internet advertising logo design. But many of them design their logos strictly for internet usage. When you take those logos to a printer for business cards, letterhead, premium items…you’ll find that the quality just isn’t good enough for printing. That’s because many website designers create their logos using low resolution so the files are small and load quickly. Logos really need to be created as vector graphics because then they can be small enough to print well on a pen or large enough to look good on a billboard and maintain the same quality image. And vector logos can always be saved as low-res gifs or jpegs that will load quickly on website pages.

Logos created for the internet will most likely be very colorful and done using the rgb mode (pixels of red, green and blue). A very colorful rgb logo won’t transfer over to printed materials well because while full-color printing is attractive and popular, it’s also very expensive. And the printing industry uses either “spot colors” or cmyk (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). So if you have a logo designed by a website designer or developer, chances are a graphic designer is going to have to re-create the logo when you go to have something printed. It’s best to start with a good vector logo that will provide you with a  a quality file, a flexible size, and consistent colors.

(Note: A vector file will end in .eps)