Designing a Logo

logo designI’ve been creating logos for over 20 years and I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work. To make the design process run smoothly (for both the designer and customer) and to make the customer happy with their logo, communication and information are key before any concepts are started. I’ve found that 90% of my final logo designs came from the CLIENTS vision. They (or their wife/husband/sister…) usually have an idea in mind or saw something they liked and want to mimic. So it’s best for the designer to get as much information as possible before starting any work so they’ll be sure to design ideas with the client’s vision in mind. I usually do at least 1 or 2 of my own ideas too—especially if I think the client is way off base with their ideas.

Here are some questions I ask before I start a logo design:

  1. How many colors can I use? 1, 2, or full-color?
  2. Are there certain colors I have to use or are they open?
  3. What type of image or look are they trying to portray? (Elegant, Sophisticated, Professional, Fun, Artsy, Modern, Technical…)
  4. How will the logo be used? What is the smallest size it will be used at and what is the largest? (On a pen to a t-shirt or billboard…)
  5. What type of printed materials will it be printed on? (This can dictate if we use 1-color, 2-color or full-color printing depending on their budget.)
  6. Will they use a slogan with the logo?
  7. What logos do they really like?
  8. What types of icons or graphics would they like to use?

The majority of  the time my own ideas look better, but the client usually goes with their original “vision” they have in mind. So I can come up with dozens of great concepts, but the client won’t be satisfied unless at least 1 of them matches that vision. So the designers first job is to pull out as much information as they can from the client. After all, you’ve heard the saying…”the customer is always right!”