Characteristics of a Good Logo Design

logo designerThinking about creating a logo or updating an existing one? If so, there are really a lot of things to consider. You don’t want to just pick a cool, trendy font and grab some clip art that came with your word processing software. Here are some characteristics of a good logo:

It’s Simple
A good logo should get your name across easily and clearly. It shouldn’t be overloaded with too many graphic elements or too much wording. Some logos may have very clever graphics, but what good are they if they have to be explained or if something has to be pointed out? Your name, slogan and graphic should be easily read and understood.

It’s Original
A great logo design doesn’t just blend in with the others that we are inundated with daily. It should be unique and representational of your style. Think of how it will look on a page or in the phone book with all your competitor’s logos. Will yours stand out? Will it be memorable?

It’s Timeless
This can be hard, but you want your logo to be as timeless as possible so it doesn’t look outdated in a few years.  You want your logo to last as long as possible so clients and the general public will easily recognize it. Changing a logo can get very expensive if you have to have all your printed materials updated, your website revised, signs and vehicle graphics redone… You want your logo to always look fresh and relevant, and you certainly don’t want anyone looking at it and wondering what era in which it was created.

It’s Memorable
One way to separate a logo from others would be to make it memorable. You want the design to be strong and really stand out so it will be remembered. Using a clever name or graphic images can really help make a logo memorable.

It Looks Good in Black and White
A great logo should look good in color as well as black and white. You may think you only want to use your logo in color, but there are always going to be times when any business needs to do something with their logo in black and white. You may not want to pay for expensive full-color ads or spend the extra money printing simple forms in color, so logos should always be designed with black and white applications in mind. I always provide all logo proofs in color and black and white every step of the way so clients don’t fall in love with the color version and then realize after it’s finalized that they don’t like how it transfers over to black and white.

It’s Scalable
Finally, a good logo needs to be easily read and recognizable at large AND small sizes. It has to look good on all kinds of marketing materials including small items like business cards and pens. You can be as creative as you want to be in your design, but if it does not scale well, then it’s not effective.

It’s best to create logos as vector graphics because they are easily scalable. The most popular software program for creating good vector logos is Adobe Illustrator. It’s an expensive program and it’s not easy to learn, but ANY printer will accept an Illustrator vector file for ANY kind of printing.

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