Social Media

Social Media has become extremely important for businesses. It’s great for acquiring new customers and for keeping in touch with current customers. It’s vital for your business to keep your social media accounts up-to-date. With so many social media outlets it can be time-consuming to keep up with all of them. Focus on what you do best and hire help for your social media content and graphics. All work is charged on an as-needed basis.

Services Provided:
• Facebook account creation
• Twitter account creation
• Regularly scheduled posts
• Media account graphics/headers

Constant Contact Email Messages
Stay in touch with your customers with Constant Contact email messages. It’s an inexpensive email service that uses your own contact list of email addresses. Send emails about sales, employees, newsletters, special events, and general business news and services.
• Website sign-up form
• Email message design and scheduling
• Contact list maintenance

Click here to see some Constant Contact email message samples.